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乌鲁木齐Activated lime leaves the factory

乌鲁木齐Activated lime leaves the factory

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In the application field of rotary kiln, the cement industry has the largest number. The entire production process of cement is summarized as "two mills and one burn". Among them, "one burn" is the grinding of the raw materials prepared in the rotary kiln, lime rotary kiln, cement rotary kiln, rotary kiln equipment. Types are characteristics. In the development of the cement industry, different production methods and different types of rotary kiln have appeared. According to the raw material preparation method, it can be divided into dry production and wet production. Rotary kiln suitable for the production method is divided into There are two types of dry rotary kiln and wet hair rotary kiln. Due to the different heat exchange devices in the kiln tail, it can be divided into different types of kiln.


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