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乌鲁木齐Quick lime

乌鲁木齐Quick lime

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Quick lime

Material sintering in the preheater: Pulverized coal is not fully burned, and the price of activated lime produces flammable gases such as carbon monoxide. These flammable gases and air entering from the kiln tail undergo secondary combustion in the preheating chamber to form a high-temperature calcining atmosphere. The materials are calcined for a long time without being pushed, which is easy to sinter into one body, resulting in a large resistance to the operation of the push head. run. At this time, the kiln should be stopped for cooling and then cleaned manually.

The distance from the edge of the material accumulation repose angle in the preheater to the edge of the lower well is too large: After the material is fed into the preheater chamber, it will naturally accumulate due to the role of the material lock beam. The role of the material locking beam is to control the material from rushing into the kiln by itself, but if the distance between the edge of the controlled material repose angle and the edge of the feeding well is too large, the amount of material pushed by the pusher will be too large, and the resistance of the pusher will be large It is not even possible to push the material into the kiln. At this time, the thickness of the pouring material at the lower well must be reduced or the lower well must be re-expanded to reduce the distance.


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