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Application of active lime in molten steel refining


The experiment proves that adding a suitable amount of active lime and fluorite to the refined molten steel has achieved good results: the phenomenon of slagging, hanging slag and top slag crusting in the ladle is eliminated, and slagging of the dipping cover and suction nozzle is also eliminated And the rising phenomenon, the active lime greatly reduces the thermal shutdown processing time of the ladle, the dipping cover and the suction nozzle, reduces the radiation of the refining furnace roof, and improves the service life of the ladle refractory and refined refractory; The alkalinity of the top slag reduces the melting point of the slag, improves the fluidity of the slag, has a certain desulfurization effect on the molten steel, and reduces the total amount of inclusions in the molten steel, improving the quality of the molten steel; not only meeting the production process The requirements ensured the smooth progress of production and also created considerable economic benefits. Active lime manufacturers



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