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Application of active lime in primary refining


Lime is the main slag-making material for steelmaking. It has desulfurization and dephosphorization capacity, and has a large amount. Its quality has an important impact on the blowing process, steel product quality and furnace lining life. Therefore, it is required that the calcium oxide content of lime should be high, the silica and sulfur content should be low, the calcination rate of lime should be low, the activity should be high, and it must have an appropriate blockiness (5-50mm), and it should also be kept clean , Dry and fresh. Active lime has all of these characteristics. The purpose of adding lime in steelmaking of active lime manufacturers is to desulfurize, dephosphorize, and desiliconize. Calcium oxide in lime cannot participate in the above actions in a solid state. Small particles of active lime have a large porosity and a large specific surface area, and the diffusion speed of steel slag to lime is fast. Especially, the converter smelting time is short. Active lime has the characteristics of fine grains, high porosity, small bulk density, and specific surface area. It is used for steelmaking and slagging, smelting time is short, desulfurization and dephosphorization are good. Because the common characteristics of steelmaking desulfurization and dephosphorization are high alkalinity, and the active lime itself has low sulfur and phosphorus content. Therefore, it has good desulfurization and phosphorus effects during smelting. Active lime price


The initial dephosphorization rate can reach more than 90%, which is 15% higher than that of ordinary lime. At the same time, the amount of lime can be reduced; the amount of steel slag can be reduced to improve the yield of molten steel; the heat loss in the furnace is reduced, and the scrap ratio is increased. The smelting output has been increased; the spatter has been reduced, and the blow loss rate has been reduced (1% -3%); the molten steel has been purified, and the quality of the molten steel has been improved; the erosion of the furnace lining has been reduced, the furnace age has been increased, and the maintenance cost of the furnace lining has been reduced.


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