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Quality requirements of active lime


With the development of steelmaking technology, the active lime production of steel and the quality of steel have also made great progress. The quality of Shanxi active lime used in smelting during the smelting process has also increased. The lime activity neutralizes quick lime The number of milliliters of 4mol / L acid consumed by Ca (OH) 2 produced during digestion is expressed. Active lime price

Generally, the average value of lime activity exceeds 300ml / 4N-HCl, which can significantly shorten the initial slagging time of the steelmaking converter, reduce the lime consumption per ton of steel, and is extremely beneficial for the early de-P, which is called active lime.


Application of active lime in hot metal pretreatment

In order to improve the quality of molten steel and adapt to the development of different types of steel, it is required that the sulfur in the molten iron be as low as possible. For this purpose, the molten iron pretreatment desulfurization process is essential. Domestic large steel mills are matched with hot metal pretreatment desulfurization stations. The working principle is: Stable and uniform delivery of magnesium metal powder to molten iron by using liquid nitrogen (prepared from active lime) as carrier with nitrogen as the carrier gas. . Of course, liquid lime also plays a part of desulfurization, but the final desulfurization effect of molten iron is determined by the sprayed magnesium powder. The role of liquid lime: as a carrier; it can control the volatilization rate of magnesium to prevent the volatilization of magnesium; participate in desulfurization, the comprehensive desulfurization rate is greater than 60%; under the same desulfurization conditions, calcium oxide-magnesium-based desulfurizer is better than calcium carbide-magnesium-based The agent reduces the amount of slag by about 15%, reduces iron loss and reduces process investment. Therefore, calcium oxide-magnesium based desulfurizers have been more widely used.


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