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Cautions when using calcium oxide (active lime)


1. Calcium oxide (active lime) will absorb carbon dioxide and turn into powdery calcium carbonate after being exposed to the air for a long time. Therefore, quicklime is better to buy and use now, and it is better to choose a lighter block without impurities. If you ca n’t use the rest of the quicklime at one time, seal it with a plastic bag and seal it. Active lime manufacturers

2. Calcium oxide should be poured into the pond after being added to the slurry. Avoid dumping the residue into the pond, so as to avoid death by accidentally eating the pond fish. Do not throw the whole piece of lime into the pond for water disinfection.

3, calcium oxide should not be applied simultaneously with nitrogen fertilizer. Quicklime encounters water to generate a large amount of OH-, which makes the balance of NH₄ ++ OH- ≒ NH₃ · H₂O to the right. The high ammonia water content can easily cause ammonia poisoning in fish. Similarly, when the ammonia nitrogen content in the pool water is higher than 1.2 mg / L, it is not suitable to use quicklime. In addition, quicklime can be used every other week after applying ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, so do not mix it.


4. Calcium oxide cannot be mixed with phosphate fertilizer. After the application of phosphate fertilizer, inorganic phosphorus mainly exists in the form of HPO 、 2-, H₂PO 时-when the pH is 6.5 ~ 7.5. If mixed with quicklime and the pH is higher than 7.5, it will react to form Ca (PO₄) ₂, which makes the effective phosphorus easily form calcium salt precipitation. And loss. Generally, phosphate fertilizer can be applied at least 10-15 days after quicklime application.

5. Calcium oxide cannot be mixed with halogen drugs such as bleaching powder and strong chlorin. Because bleaching powder is acidic medicine, quicklime is alkaline medicine, if mixed, acid and alkali will be neutralized, which will directly reduce the disinfection effect.

6, calcium oxide should not be applied at the same time with trichlorfon. Because quicklime meets water to produce calcium hydroxide, and under weak alkaline conditions, trichlorfon will chemically react to form dichlorvos, its toxicity will increase 10 times, and the residual period will be greatly extended.

7, should not be mixed with organic complexes. Water-soluble organic complexes form insoluble complexes with calcium ions, reducing the efficacy of the complexes.

8. Do not use with copper sulfate at the same time. The increase of calcium ions in the water will cause the reduction of copper ions, which will greatly reduce the efficacy of copper sulfate. In the same way, quicklime cannot be mixed with calcium, magnesium and heavy metal salts.

Recently, relevant media reports that "false white ash" has appeared in some places. In fact, these so-called white ash are essentially white magnesium slag or other mixtures. If these inferior ash powders are used in construction sites and other places, it will cause construction quality. Serious security risks must be stopped in a timely manner.

The fake white ash itself is waste magnesium slag and magnesium powder produced by the magnesium factory. Its price is very low, its appearance is white, and its powder is delicate. It costs only tens of yuan per cubic meter, while the true white ash costs one cubic meter. More than 100 yuan, and it is blocky.


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