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Definition of lime activity and its role


(1) Determination of lime activity by acid-base titration. Active lime manufacturers

(2) Lime activity index

An index to characterize the hydration reaction speed of quicklime, that is, in a sufficient time, it is expressed by the number of milliliters of 4mol / L hydrochloric acid consumed by neutralizing Ca (OH) 2 produced during quicklime digestion.


(3) Definition of lime activity: The structure of lime is closely related to the calcination temperature and calcination time. Microstructures that affect lime activity include bulk density, porosity, specific surface area, and grain size of CaO minerals. The smaller the grains, the larger the specific surface area, the higher the porosity, the higher the lime activity and the stronger the chemical reaction ability.

(4) Application: Steelmaking practice shows that this kind of lime can improve the dephosphorization and desulfurization efficiency by 80%, and shorten the smelting time. It can completely react with the acidic materials in the molten steel within 3-5min. It takes at least 6-10min. In addition, the furnace age is increased by more than 40%, and the consumption of the furnace charge is also reduced by 5-8kg / t steel. Based on 10 million tons, it saves about 15 million per year and has significant production benefits.



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