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Common uses of activated ash


With the continuous development of the economy, the application materials of building materials are also increasing, and the new types of lime materials among active lime manufacturers are also increasing. When we apply, we need to know more about the application characteristics of these new lime materials In order to apply this material more conveniently, let's take a look at the characteristics of these new lime materials. Metallurgical lime, as a "slag-forming agent" for steelmaking, has gradually gained importance and recognition. It not only affects the smelting process of molten steel, but also directly affects the quality of molten steel. Active lime


Internationally, high-quality "active lime" with good quality, fast response and thorough slagging has been widely used to replace the "ordinary lime" used in the past, which has laid the foundation for smelting high-quality molten steel. The application of alkaline lime has accelerated the smelting speed, shortened the smelting time, reduced the lime consumption per ton of steel, reduced the introduction of impurities, greatly improved the quality of molten steel, and brought significant comprehensive benefits to the enterprise. Consensus has been formed.


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