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Quick lime

Quick lime

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  • Release date:2020-03-17 14:06:22
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1) Check if there is limestone in the lower track of the push head. When limestone is placed in the active lime factory, the pusher head will be lifted, causing the top surface to interfere with the lining bracket when the pusher head is running, and cannot continue to run. Clean the limestone cushion and control the gap between the pusher and the lined bracket.

2) Check whether the distance between the push head and the left and right guards is equal, and the gap between the sides is at least 15mm. When the pusher head runs to one side, the side of the pusher head will interfere with the guard plate, resulting in large resistance and unable to run. The gap on both sides should be adjusted by adjusting the length of the push rod on the spot.

4. Burner deformation of preheater push head: due to improper selection of material, the push head has been operated under high temperature atmosphere and resistance material for a long time, resulting in burner deformation of the push head. Its original geometric dimensions cannot be guaranteed. Interference has occurred, causing the push head to not work properly. The push head needs to be replaced.


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