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Quick lime

Quick lime

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2. Acceptance and handover of equipment installation engineering. Active lime

(1) The acceptance of the construction of the equipment foundation shall be inspected by the quality inspector of the construction department together with the civil construction staff, and fill in the construction acceptance form. The construction quality of the foundation must meet the foundation drawings and technical requirements.

(2) The final acceptance of the equipment installation project shall be carried out after the equipment is qualified for commissioning. The equipment management department and process technology department together with other departments, with the participation of relevant personnel in all aspects of installation, inspection, safety, use, etc., carry out inspections, make appraisals, and fill in the installation construction quality, accuracy inspection, safety performance, test run records, etc The voucher and the acceptance transfer form can be completed only after being signed by the parties involved in the acceptance.

(3) Handover procedures after equipment acceptance

Equipment unpacking and acceptance (or equipment installation and transfer acceptance), equipment operation test records are signed by the parties involved in the acceptance and technical documents brought with the equipment, equipment management department into the equipment file management; along with equipment accessories, For spare parts, fill in the spare parts warehousing form and send it to the equipment warehouse for storage. The safety management department shall document the safety issues in the installation test.

(4) After the transfer of the equipment, the equipment management department signs the equipment commissioning notice, and sends a copy to the equipment management department, the user unit, the financial department, and the production management department for archiving, notification of the start of use, fixed asset management vouchers, and assessment projects. Basis of the plan ...


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