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Quick lime

Quick lime

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Quick lime

1. The pressure gauge of the hydraulic station shows that the oil pressure in the hydraulic system is low: the operation of the pusher head is achieved by the hydraulic force of the oil cylinder. Push into the rotary kiln. The solution at this time is: Turn the knob of the overflow valve counterclockwise to increase the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic system, which is generally not more than 16MPa.

2. The solenoid valve spool does not operate: When the solenoid valve spool controlling the movement of the cylinder does not operate, the hydraulic system pressure is high, but the oil pressure in the cylinder is zero, which still cannot drive the pusher. At this time, the inspection can be carried out in the following aspects:

1) Check whether the solenoid valve coil is energized: the diode on the coil plug does not light up, indicating that the coil is not energized, you must check the circuit to make it energized.

2) Check whether the valve core is stuck: Use a hard object to touch the valve core of the reversing valve. When the valve core is pushed back, the valve core does not rebound, indicating that the valve core has been stuck by a foreign object. At this time, even if the coil is powered, the pusher head cannot move. The valve block should be removed, the valve core should be cleaned, and small internal parts must be paid attention when cleaning and reassembly to avoid loss.


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