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Quick lime

Quick lime

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  • Release date:2020-03-17 13:51:52
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1. First disconnect the main circuit and power source of the equipment, then do the following equipment inspection and record work: active lime price

(1) After the break-in is done, the equipment is cleaned, lubricated, tightened, and the faulty parts are replaced or repaired, and the equipment is debugged, so that the equipment is put into use;

(2) Make and organize the inspection records of equipment geometric accuracy and processing accuracy, and other functional test records;

(3) Organize the records (including troubleshooting) of the equipment during trial operation;

(4) For problems that cannot be adjusted, analyze the reasons and summarize them from the aspects of equipment design, manufacturing, transportation, storage, and installation.

(5) Make evaluation conclusions on the operation of the equipment, process opinions, handle the transfer procedures, and indicate the personnel and dates to participate in the trial operation.


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